The GiggleBellies DVD series has won a few Tillywig Toy Awards!

April 29th, 2014

AHOOGA!! We feel so honored to have won several more awards for our DVD series! The GiggleBellies DVD Volume #1 & Volume #2 won the Tillywig Brain Child Award which honors exciting products that energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning. Our Sweet Songs & Lullabies DVD won the Tillywig Sterling Fun Award which honors distinctive children’s products notable for their exceptional quality and bold originality. Right now you can get all 3 DVDs for a special price of $39.94 and they qualify for FREE shipping in the USA. Click here to get the triple pack now.

Tillywig Awards

Here’s what the reviewers had to say about our DVDs:
The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Volume #1:
“Playing this DVD has the near instantaneous effect of making children joyful. That’s because each of the 9 music videos on it are filled with audiovisual details that trigger smiles and laughs, one after another. Among those magical ingredients is the GiggleBellies crew itself, a cast of happy-go-lucky, silly animated characters who sing, dance, bounce, and clap their way across the screen. Young viewers tend to either immediately follow suit – get up on their feet, wiggling and giggling – or watch, transfixed, a look of happy awe on their little faces. There’s a mix of children’s classics (Old MacDonald, Wheels On the Bus . . .) and several fine originals. Even the familiar songs display great originality, with twists and turns and fresh-sounding arrangements that parents will enjoy hearing as well. The videos are short and energetic, with clever animation that blends seamlessly with the music and lyrics, stimulating children’s minds and bodies in the best possible way.”

The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Volume #2:
“Volume #2 of The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures picks up where Volume #1 left off. This time there are even more fully animated songs (13 in all) to enjoy. A huge part of the pleasure comes from watching and listening to the wildly creative animated arrangements of songs. Some are originals, some you’ll know (classics like Itsy Bitsy Spider), but even those you’re familiar with have a fresh spin that will knock your socks off. And of course, the GiggleBellies crew, which consists of dozens of happy, zany characters, is featured heavily throughout. Each of them (like Kissy Moo the cow, Peanut the elephant, a duck named Kwacka . . .) , has its own loveable look and uniquely endearing qualities. What they share in common is friendship, song and dance, and a happy silliness that is utterly contagious. The level of detail with which the visuals tie into the music would be hypnotic if it weren’t so enlivening. In other words, kids remain engrossed and captivated while using their bodies to feel the music – dancing, wiggling, and singing along.”

The GiggleBellies Sweet Songs & Lullabies:
“Young children sometimes have a hard time winding down, but they can rarely resist an opportunity to watch the GiggleBellies. And this time out the adventure is soothing, relaxing, and carefully designed to put kids on a gentle path towards quiet time or sleep. This mix of original and classic children’s tunes is done with typically inimitable GiggleBellies style – fresh-sounding arrangements and captivating animation that features the lovable GiggleBellies characters. The colorful imagery has a magical quality perfectly suited to preschoolers, and the mesmerizing visuals project a cozy peacefulness that has a remarkably calming effect. 10 animated songs take kids into an increasingly relaxed state, with the final selection being a remarkably beautiful instrumental version of Rock A Bye Baby. All three of the GiggleBellies DVDs reviewed here (see below) include special downloads and printables on the discs – coloring pages, Illustrated lyric sheets, and, in this case, 9 MP3s so that you can create your own music CD.”

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