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January 28th, 2014

CONGRATS to our lucky fan Sandy Iverson who has won The GiggleBellies Merchandise Giveaway! Ahooga!! Sandy receives a GiggleBellies 10″ dinner plate with her child’s name, and a GiggleBellies Tshirt or onesie with her child’s name.

The winner has been notified via email (winner- please check your spam/junk folders for the email). Thanks again to everyone who has entered and stay tuned for more giveaways!

Architects Are Made, Not Born

January 27th, 2014

Spatial judgment, or spatial intelligence, is the ability to visualize abstract concepts in the mind, specifically in regard to proximity, direction, and orientation. Think of it as being able to visualize how two objects either match or don’t match each other when positioned differently.

OK, so what?

As written by the eminent psychologist Howard Gardener, there are nine main areas of intelligence:

1. Musical–Rhythmic,
2. Visual–Spatial
3. Verbal–Linguistic
4. Logical–Mathematical
5. Bodily–Kinesthetic
6. Interpersonal
7. Intrapersonal
8. Naturalistic
9. Existential

Nurturing your children in any one or combination of these areas can give them an excellent chance at success in their adult lives. For instance, if you hone in on your child’s spatial aptitude and nurture it well, there is a great chance that your child will become an engineer, architect, or even an artist. Granted, this is an oversimplified conclusion, but the notion speaks to how you can best help your children become all that they can be.

Many of these areas of intelligence are covered in school, but spatial intelligence is usually not. That’s why it’s important to consider it as part of your child’s after-school education, especially since recent research shows that spacial intelligence can be taught.

Spatial intelligence is best developed interactively, and interactivity is most effective when it’s fun. There are many fun games to play with your children to help them consciously visualize things. Fortunately, these games also exercise the areas of the brain that will govern more complex spatial matters later in life. Here are a few great examples of such activities.

Man in the Mirror

It sounds as simple as it is, and you can start utilizing this activity this as soon as you notice your children imitating you! Position yourself in front of your child and instruct your little one to imitate your movements. Try to get him to notice the difference between left and right and that those directions are reversed in a reflection. For example, if your child moves his left arm when you move your right one, turn around and show him the reverse.

Not so Puzzling

Tilted heart made of lots of jigsaw puzzle piecesPhoto by Horia Varlan

Jigsaw puzzles address spatial intelligence in a number of ways. Children have to visualize how the images they are building come together. In addition, throughout the process, children are constantly engaging and negotiating the pieces against each other. In the beginning, they’ll physically try each piece to see if it will or will not fit. As they continue, they won’t need to physically test each piece; they’ll be able to see whether it may fit or not.

Teaching Strategy

chess_piecesPhoto by Tristan Martin

As your children get older, start teaching them games like Checkers and Chess. It’s probably best to start with Checkers as it is easier to understand, but regardless of which game you choose, the purpose is the same. You want your children to visualize how the pieces are able to move around the game board. Encourage them to try to predict where you will move next. When they start to see a few moves ahead, they’ll begin mastering more than just the game.

For more on the nine areas of intelligence, read the 1983 publication Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardener.

Giveaway Alert!! (**now ended)

January 21st, 2014

That’s right GB fans, time for another Facebook giveaway!! WOOHOO!! We are giving away some custom GiggleBellies themed merchandise from! One lucky Facebook winner will win a GiggleBellies 10″ dinner plate with their child’s name on it, and either a GiggleBellies T-shirt or onesie with their child’s name on it! The winner will be announced next Tuesday and we wish you the best of luck!!

The GiggleBellies Giveaway

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Sweet Songs & Lullabies DVD has won the Platinum Pixie Award!

January 18th, 2014

Woohoo!! We are excited to announce that The GiggleBellies Sweet Songs & Lullabies DVD has won the Platinum Pixie Award! We are honored by this award from the American Pixel Academy. “The Pixie Award” honors outstanding work in the fastest-growing area of the moving pixels industry: Motion Graphics, Effects, and Animation. Judging is done by professionals who have excelled in the moving pixel fields of animation, motion graphics and effects. Entries are judged on a standard of excellence and the judge’s comment on our latest DVD release are “Creative designs. Animations are spot on.” “Engaging, beautiful, well-crafted and fun!”

pixie-platinum-statuette pixie-award-laurel-platinum


Take look at all the awards our GiggleBellies DVD series has won to date:
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Update for mobile users (iOS & Android)

January 15th, 2014

Hey there GiggleBellie fans! We hope that all of you had a great holiday season with your families! We really enjoyed our time with our family and friends, and we are looking forward to the new year! We have a couple updates when it comes to getting your favorite GiggleBellies videos on your mobile devices:

The GiggleBellies Music Videos for Kids for the iPhone/iPad
We just release an update to our iPhone/iPad App (version 1.6). What’s new in the App update? You can now create multiple playlists that you can easily customize, and we are able to run promotional offers on video purchases. Right now, purchase any 3 GiggleBellies videos and get 1 free!

App Features:
★ Browse all GB videos available for purchase
★ Preview the music videos before you buy
★ Purchase individual music videos
★ Create multiple custom playlists
★ Play all purchased videos continuously
★ Lock video play so that little ones can’t exit videos
★ View the song lyrics
★ Download colorful GiggleBellies wallpapers to your device
★ Click on “Promotional Offers” in the Video Library to check for deals & discounts

This App was designed for the many fans who requested a way to customize content for their children and for those who don’t purchase DVDs etc. The GiggleBellies music videos as in-app purchases, range from $0.99-$1.99 USD.

Click the icon to get to the App:

GB on the App Store

The GiggleBellies DVDs on Demand
There have also been some changes to our “DVDs on Demand”. Now Android users can enjoy our DVDs while on the go as well! Enjoy your GiggleBellies DVDs on Demand on your iOS or Android device, anytime, anywhere, in perfect quality whether you’re online or not. Download the free player app for iOS or Android and have instant access to your entire media library via streaming, or copy over downloaded media from your computer and enjoy perfect video playback, anytime, anywhere, online or offline.

Compatible with almost any:

  • Apple iPad™
  • Apple iPhone™
  • Apple iPod Touch™
  • over 3800 supported Android devices

You can find out more about it here: