GiggleBellie updates

April 18th, 2012

Howdy GB fans! We have a lot to update for those who want to be in the know. We also wanted to give a really big “thank you” to everyone of you for being truly great fans. But more importantly being such kool people to each other. It’s so nice to see so many of you sharing ideas for birthday parties, cakes etc. on our Facebook page and for giving kudos to each other for hard work and creativity. It really makes Facebook a very special place in our minds and we love connecting with you all.

On to news: Many of you are asking “When will your GB iPhone/iPad App will be released?” and how it will work. It will be available 1-3 weeks from now as long as Apple approves it to make it available. The iPhone/iPad App itself will be free to download and will have some interactive features, free wallpapers, and lyrics. Our App was created for those people who don’t like YouTube for a host of reasons, and for those who also want higher quality videos on their hand held devices, and don’t like to buy DVD’s and other reasons. The App interface is free to download, once downloaded you can purchase whatever or how many videos you want inside the App. There will be 22 videos to choose from ranging in price from $0.99 – $1.99. As we make new content we will update the App with fresh videos. For those who are enjoying our many “free” videos on YouTube, we will continue to post previews and will allow some to be viewed on mobile devices as we do now.

As far as an App for the Android, it will be the same idea, but the Android will take longer to develop for.

The Lullaby DVD is really coming along, some of the songs are in production and the music is sounding beautiful! We will post some audio samples on our Facebook page for you all in a few weeks. The DVD will be released next year. However, we will release new lullaby music videos as we finish them to our App as we complete each song.

Lastly, the “Peanut” plushie is back at the factory for changes and we are still hoping for a Christmas release.

Hope that answers some questions! Ahooga!!

5 Responses

  1. Stephanie Waldschmidt says:

    Any more updates on the Peanuts plushie? I am really wanting to get one for my son. Looking forward to it.

    • Kerry & Pauline says:

      Hi Stephanie! We are still working on the prototype and still have a ways to go. As soon as we have an update we’ll be sure to post it 🙂 Thanks so much for reaching out and we hope we can offer it soon!

  2. Geno says:

    I have used ABCs on youtube to help me teach ABCs to my now 4 year old son. Not to brag but he can sing, write and do ABCs in ASL. At about 16 months, we found gigglebellies. He loved it so much that even when he was having fits, he would calm down to watch. At same time I would also watch my cousin’s 10 month old baby and she also would calm down for GB.. My cousin and his wife started calling her Geno’s Gigglebelly Baby; Because when she started walking, she would grab my hand and make me bring on GB… I started bragging to people that Gigglebellies will help calm down babies.. Of course not many people tried but those that did would tell me how great it is. NOW, my wife and I have a 2 month old baby (born 5/3/12). I have been using him as a guinea pig with GB and other bright and colorful videos.. Bottom line, Gigglebellies win out no matter what… He seems to enjoy other videos but only if he is calm already.. GB is the only video that will bring him from a shaking screaming fit to absolute calm and smiles. The 4 year old? He stops in his tracks to join us for GB. Since he already knows his ABCs and he can speak up, he demands to watch GB videos other than just ABCs.

    • Kerry & Pauline says:

      Geno, wow!! What amazing feedback!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share that with us- we appreciate it more than you know!! That is so awesome to hear how much your little ones are enjoying what we created. Congrats on the new addition to you family and we hope that all of you continue to enjoy the videos for a long time!! Thanks again!! Big hugs!! XX

  3. clay says:

    I agree with geno, my daughter will not travel in the car for any length of time without gigglebellies . To get her in you need the ipad gigglebellies playing and she calms sits and sings. I hope the andriod app becomes available as it’s my wife’s ipad and I have samsung. Would be good to get it on my tab for her.