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The GiggleBellies Video App is now available for the iPhone/iPad

April 29th, 2012

Get your favorite GiggleBellie videos on your iPhone and iPad! The GiggleBellies deliver an exciting new twist to kid’s music videos. This multi-award winning video series captivate young imaginations using vibrant color, upbeat music & whimsical animations. Highly creative graphics, toe tapping music, and a whole lotta fun, have made The GiggleBellies a top pick in households around the world!

The app itself is free to download, and then you can purchase individual music videos inside the app if you wish.

★ Browse all GB videos available for purchase
★ Preview the music videos before you buy
★ Purchase individual music videos
★ View the song lyrics
★ Get GiggleBellie wallpapers for your device
★ Add your favorite videos to a playlist
★ Play all purchased videos continuously
★ Multi-award winning video series

Music videos available for purchase:
★ Busy Bumble Bee
★ Down By The Bay
★ Colors Of The Rainbow
★ Head Shoulders Knees & Toes
★ Fly Away With Me
★ If You’re Happy & You Know It
★ Itsy Bitsy Spider
★ I’ve Been Working On The Railroad
★ The Really Cool Space Team
★ Mr Sun
★ Bucky
★ All The Little Raindrops
★ Eat ‘Em All Up
★ Wheels On The Bus
★ ABC Superstar
★ Old MacDonald Had A Farm
★ Peanut
★ The GiggleBelly Train
★ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
★ Monkeys On The Bed
★ Web Footed Friends
★ Kooky Bird
★ And new videos will be added as we create them!

More details about the screens in the App:
Video Library– Browse all the videos available for purchase, watch video previews before you buy, add (or remove) a video to your favorites playlist, view the song lyrics, share with others, send us feedback
Favorites– Add you favorite videos to this list and watch just your favorites!
My Videos- All the videos you have purchased.
Wallpapers– Pick a GiggleBellie wallpaper for your iPad/iPhone. Select your favorite and save it to your photos. Then go to you photos and save it as your wallpaper.

Device Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Get the App exclusively from the Apple Store now:
GB on App Store




GB2 Worksheets are now available for free download

April 25th, 2012

The wonderful Marsha Goren ( has written another set of fantastic worksheets to go along with The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Volume #2 DVD. We met Marsha when we released our first DVD. She has become our friend, a tireless cheerleader and is a true inspiration and role model to children all over the world. She designed these worksheets to help her children learn English and was kind enough to share with the us and the rest of the world. Thank you Marsha for being our very special and supportive friend. We love ya!

You can get all the worksheets in our Fan Club section here. Download then and have some fun with your little ones!

GB2 worksheets


GiggleBellie updates

April 18th, 2012

Howdy GB fans! We have a lot to update for those who want to be in the know. We also wanted to give a really big “thank you” to everyone of you for being truly great fans. But more importantly being such kool people to each other. It’s so nice to see so many of you sharing ideas for birthday parties, cakes etc. on our Facebook page and for giving kudos to each other for hard work and creativity. It really makes Facebook a very special place in our minds and we love connecting with you all.

On to news: Many of you are asking “When will your GB iPhone/iPad App will be released?” and how it will work. It will be available 1-3 weeks from now as long as Apple approves it to make it available. The iPhone/iPad App itself will be free to download and will have some interactive features, free wallpapers, and lyrics. Our App was created for those people who don’t like YouTube for a host of reasons, and for those who also want higher quality videos on their hand held devices, and don’t like to buy DVD’s and other reasons. The App interface is free to download, once downloaded you can purchase whatever or how many videos you want inside the App. There will be 22 videos to choose from ranging in price from $0.99 – $1.99. As we make new content we will update the App with fresh videos. For those who are enjoying our many “free” videos on YouTube, we will continue to post previews and will allow some to be viewed on mobile devices as we do now.

As far as an App for the Android, it will be the same idea, but the Android will take longer to develop for.

The Lullaby DVD is really coming along, some of the songs are in production and the music is sounding beautiful! We will post some audio samples on our Facebook page for you all in a few weeks. The DVD will be released next year. However, we will release new lullaby music videos as we finish them to our App as we complete each song.

Lastly, the “Peanut” plushie is back at the factory for changes and we are still hoping for a Christmas release.

Hope that answers some questions! Ahooga!!