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The GiggleBellies Children’s Music DVD {Review and Giveaway}

January 21st, 2012

Naturally Healthy Parenting has done a review of The GiggleBellies Volume #1 DVD and they are also doing a giveaway- you can enter to win either one of our DVDs!! Here’s a snippet from the review:

“…payday loans I instantly thought that the Giggle Bellies were like nothing I had seen before. More importantly, my toddler was instantly captivated. Since receiving the Giggle Bellies Musical Adventures Volume 1, we have watched it numerous times and G. is still entertained by it, which is pretty amazing to me since it is very hard to hold his attention for very long. He loves dancing to the songs and I find myself singing them to him. They are really catchy. When I first popped in the DVD. G. was just staring at the screen in awe, then he started rocking side to side to the music and smiling and laughing at the T.V….”

Here’s the link to read the full review and enter the giveaway. We are wishing you lots of luck!!

GB2 is awarded “The Mr.Dad Seal Of Approval”!!

January 18th, 2012

Mr. Dad and Announce Holiday Award Winners of Prestigious Seals Program for Dad-friendly Products.viagra onlineWe feel honored to be awarded the seal!!

The Mr.Dad Seal of Approval and GreatDad Recommends awards were launched to recognize deserving products and services that give fathers the resources, tools and information they need to parent effectively and enrich the lives of their children. Awarded quarterly, the seal is widely recognized and valued by consumers and provides an opportunity for increased brand recognition and credibility for companies.

Mr Dad Review:
Whenever a sequel comes along, fans of the original always get worried that the second (or third or fourth) installment won’t live up to the first. Well, we’re glad to report that GiggleBellies, volume 2 is just as fun as the first. If you don’t already have one, this DVD is the perfect excuse to sing, dance, laugh, roll around on the floor, and completely let loose. Oh, and you can do it with your child too. Ages 2-4.

Ideas for a GiggleBellie Birthday Party

January 16th, 2012

We get a lot of requests for GiggleBellie party supplies, so we are looking into doing them sometime in the future. We are currently working on a birthday packet, which will be a do it yourself guide to how to create a GB themed party, and until then we have these ideas here.

If you own the DVD, there are downloadable freebies on the disc that you can use for decorations- coloring pages, wallpaper/printable art. Some fans have even used those images for their little ones’ birthday cakes, which you can see pictures of in our Facebook gallery to give you some ideas.

If you don’t own the DVD, we have some downloadable freebies in our Freebie section.

Here’s a PDF to give you some more ideas and also has some of the birthday cake photos. Click here to view in web browser or right click here to “Save As” and download.

Have fun!!

Gigglebellies Musical Adventure Vol.2 has been awarded the KIDS FIRST! endorsement! Yahooza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 10th, 2012

“Itsy Bitsy Spider” Preview

January 7th, 2012

“Itsy Bitsy Spider” is another preview for “The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures – Volume #2 DVD” (due out October 2011). This was a big request by our fans… and everyone grew up learning it differently- Itst Bitsy, Incy Wincy, Teeny Weeny…… So we decided to combine them all!! We hope you like our spin on this classic favorite! Many thanks to all of the fans who continually support!