Volume 2 DVD update

May 18th, 2011

Hello GiggleBellie fans!!
We have been working hard on the second DVD, and we are starting to see some of the music videos come together and it’s very exciting for us!! We’ve put a lot of our hearts and souls into these videos, and really want to make them as good as they can be. It’s fun to finally see some of the videos get completed, and we look forward to sharing snippets of them with you soon!!

We are still on track to release this next DVD sometime around this September or October. We’ll have a better idea of a release date once we get closer to that time frame and will keep you updated.  We’ve had many people want to pre-order the DVD before the release date, and we’ll start taking pre-orders about 1-2 months before the release date (for USA only).

Here are the list of songs that will be on this new release:

  • -Itsy Bisty Spider (adapted traditional)
  • -Colors Of The Rainbow  (original)
  • -Working On The Railroad (adapted traditional)
  • -Busy Bumble Bee  (original)
  • -Mr. Sun (adapted traditional)
  • -Eat Em All Up (original)
  • -All The Little Raindrops (adapted traditional)
  • -Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (adapted traditional)
  • -The Really Cool Space Team  (original)
  • -If You’re Happy And You Know It (adapted traditional)
  • -Bucky  (original)
  • -Down By The Bay (adapted traditional)
  • -Fly Away With Me  (original)

We think this DVD may be better than the first one, but we will let you decide! We also want to thank all of our supportive fans and customers- you have no idea how much all the kind words and support has meant to us over this last year!! That is what has helped to keep us inspired to make the best videos we can, so THANK YOU!! <<big hugs>>

20 Responses

  1. Mardell Ryan says:

    Both my grandchildren love your first DVD! Ages 9 mos and 9 years! Looking forward to the second DVD. Best Wishes!

    • Kerry & Pauline says:

      Yeay Mardell!! That’s great to hear!! Thanks so much for letting us know and for the good wishes- we sincerely appreciate it!!

  2. Hunny says:

    I can’t wait!!! =)

    • Kerry & Pauline says:

      Hey there Hunny!!! Yeay!! We’re glad!! We hope that Joel will enjoy it just as much as he likes the first one!! 😀

  3. Vicky says:

    My grandson loves your 1st DVD and our next grandson due Aug./ Sept.will enjoy number 2 ,they will both enjoy both of them by then,so Thank you from myself my husband & Jason and soon Chase

    • Kerry & Pauline says:

      Hi Vicky!! That’s so wonderful to hear!! Congrats on the new addition to the family- so exciting! We can’t wait to see how Jason & Chase will enjoy the new videos. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment – we really appreciate it!!

  4. Dona Nguyen says:

    This list sounds wonderful but the videos maybe more attractive.Great!I have a friend in US and he will help me buy the DVD for my daughter as soon as it is realeased.

    • Kerry & Pauline says:

      That’s wonderful Don!! We’re gald you think you will like these better- we hope so and you will have to let us know!! Thanks so much for leaving the comment- we really appreciate the feedback!!

  5. Shelley Brunet says:

    My grandaughter makes me laugh everytime we turn the video on with her genuine excitment. Her eyes light up and her little body starts to dance and sing along. Now we have another grandaughter who we are sure will enjoy this as well. Looking forward to surprising them with the second dvd.

    • Kerry & Pauline says:

      haha Shelly!! That’s awesome!! That made us smile! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this with us! You’ll have to let us know how they like the new DVD!

  6. jennifer cousineau says:

    I have gotten your first DVD for my 2yr old grandaughter and she just loves it. I’m so excited to get the new one. Keep up the great work you all are doing.

    • Kerry & Pauline says:

      Hi Jennifer!! That’s so great to hear that your grand daughter is enjoying the first DVD so much! We hope that she will like this new one just as much 🙂 Thank you so much for letting us know and for the kind words – we really appreciate it!!

  7. mary worthen says:

    My grandson’s love the first one. I have to play Peanut everytime my 7 month cries just to calm him down. Can’t wait for the next one!

  8. sara says:

    my boy is 11 months old he started watching your volume one i think he has learnt it by heart thats why he needs more now and volume 2 is like relief for me coz he loves all the videos so all the time the tv and computer is captured by him he snatched the tv and computer from us ever since he was 8 months old when he started watching your videos by the way great job all of you and congrats for your next album im waiting for all of them to come DESPERATELY t.c

  9. Susan says:

    Our 22-month-old grandson absolutely LOVES Vol. 1! Lucked onto the Gigglebellies “surfing” for ‘Five Little Monkeys’ videos – he prefers yours!! Have already pre-ordered Vol.2 which should be out by his 2nd birthday. Thank you for these wonderful songs for children. The graphics are fantastic, too! Will you ever offer tee-shirts, cups, plates, etc?

    • Kerry & Pauline says:

      Hi Susan!! We’re so happy to hear that your grandson enjoys our DVD so much!! We hope that he will like Volume 2 just as much 🙂 We are planning on offering other merchandise, but it will take us some time to do. Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment and for such kind words- we appreciate it more than you know!!

  10. Annie says:

    Hi girls – my 11 month old Grandson Murray just loves the Gigglebellies which I came across some weeks ago. He dances and claps along with the songs. We intend ordering the second one for Christmas. Can’t wait for the tee shirts and merchandise to be on sale – Murray isn’t the only one who loves this CD – his gran sings and claps along too !! What a joy ! Annie, Scotland.

    • Kerry & Pauline says:

      Hi Annie!! We’re so happy to hear that Murray loves our videos!! yeay!! That’s so great for us to hear that you both sing and clap along- haha!!We hope that you and Murray will like the second one just as much 🙂 Thanks so very much for taking the time to leave us sich a nice comment- it really means a lot to us!!

  11. Squeeks says:

    My daughter(age 2) LOVES these videos. It started when she was just over 1 and I was on youtube searching for videos and we found the peanut video and she was clapping and giggling and she just loved it. I love how they cater to children’s fascinations with songs and bright colours. Keep up the work I hope you guys keep producing more 🙂

    • Kerry & Pauline says:

      Hi there Squeeks!! Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave such nice feedback- we apprecaite it more than you know!! We are so happy to hear that your daughter is such a fan- that makes our day 🙂 Thanks again for the kind words and we hope your little girl enjoys the videos for a long time!!