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Volume 2 DVD update

May 18th, 2011

Hello GiggleBellie fans!!
We have been working hard on the second DVD, and we are starting to see some of the music videos come together and it’s very exciting for us!! We’ve put a lot of our hearts and souls into these videos, and really want to make them as good as they can be. It’s fun to finally see some of the videos get completed, and we look forward to sharing snippets of them with you soon!!

We are still on track to release this next DVD sometime around this September or October. We’ll have a better idea of a release date once we get closer to that time frame and will keep you updated.  We’ve had many people want to pre-order the DVD before the release date, and we’ll start taking pre-orders about 1-2 months before the release date (for USA only).

Here are the list of songs that will be on this new release:

  • -Itsy Bisty Spider (adapted traditional)
  • -Colors Of The Rainbow  (original)
  • -Working On The Railroad (adapted traditional)
  • -Busy Bumble Bee  (original)
  • -Mr. Sun (adapted traditional)
  • -Eat Em All Up (original)
  • -All The Little Raindrops (adapted traditional)
  • -Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (adapted traditional)
  • -The Really Cool Space Team  (original)
  • -If You’re Happy And You Know It (adapted traditional)
  • -Bucky  (original)
  • -Down By The Bay (adapted traditional)
  • -Fly Away With Me  (original)

We think this DVD may be better than the first one, but we will let you decide! We also want to thank all of our supportive fans and customers- you have no idea how much all the kind words and support has meant to us over this last year!! That is what has helped to keep us inspired to make the best videos we can, so THANK YOU!! <<big hugs>>